"Saturn" High Purity Nitrogen Generators

Erre Due's high purity "Saturn" nitrogen generators can produce a continuous flow of up to 99.9999% pure nitrogen, and can save you 75% on your nitrogen generation costs when compared with traditional generators.

"Saturn" consumes a low amount of energy, just 0.5 kWh per one cubic metre of nitrogen, and requires only three cubic metres of air to produce one cubic metre of nitrogen.

The "Saturn" system utilises Erre Due's expertise in hydrogen production. In addition to the Pressure Swing Adsorption process, nitrogen is purified by adding a small amount of hydrogen (0.5 to 1%) to remove oxygen impurities. The hydrogen binds with the oxygen to create water vapour, which is filtered out.

The resultant nitrogen is of a greater purity than that of gas bottles, liquid tanks and traditional nitrogen generation. In laser cutting, this purity results in an improvement in brightness and smoothness of the cut edge.

The fully automated system requires minimal maintenance, and so is less time consuming and safer to use than gas bottles and liquid tanks. There is no disruption from filling or bottle changing, and a reduced risk of injury.

The generator is equipped with an advanced PLC control, with an intuitive graphical interface and modbus remote operating capability, allowing the system to be monitored and controlled by a remote operator. The latest generation OCS control system ensures total reliability.

A variety of generator configurations are available to meet your specific needs, and a modular design allows the system to grow with your nitrogen demands. 

"Saturn" is efficient, convenient, and produces nitrogen at a low cost.


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