"Mercury" Hydrogen and Oxygen Generators:


Erre Due "Mercury" Generators produce high quality hydrogen and oxygen economically, cleanly and safely, for immediate use in most applications.

Hydrogen and oxygen are produced at your required pressure (up to 30 bar) and at a purity of up to 99.9999% using downstream or generator-integrated purifying equipment. "Mercury" generators can produce hydrogen at a rate of up-to 170 cubic metres per hour.

The gases are produced by electrolytic dissociation of water molecules - the clean-running generator only requires demineralised water and a power supply to run. 

The system's advanced PLC control system can be equipped with monitoring software, allowing "Mercury" to be monitored and repaired remotely. The automatic PLC system ensures continuous operation without input from the user.

"Mercury" generators are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit small and large applications, and are easily expandable due to their modular design.

On site hydrogen and oxygen generation removes the need for deliveries and handling of gas bottles and liquid containers, allowing for cheaper, safer, and more environmentally friendly use of gases.


Mercury Hydrogen and Oxygen Generators

Hydrogen production for use in fuel cells:

Erre Due produces hydrogen generators powered by renewable energy sources, for producing and storing gas for use in hydrogen fuel cells for transport and other applications. 

Using wind, solar or other forms of renewable energy to power the electrolysis process allows for totally clean, environmentally friendly production of hydrogen.

HO6 Production H2 = 1.0 Ncm / h [O2] residual

G8 H2 flow = 5.33 Ncm / h | Application: heating.

Fuel station & bank of solar panels / Apparatus