Special Appliances

Erre Due UK Limited offers the following equipment, available via special order from our Italian supplier:


Gas Purifiers

Erre Due designs and manufactures a range of gas purification equipment, which can economically purify generator gases that are usually released into the atmosphere for re-use, or can purify gas from other sources.


The following gases can be purified and re-used with Erre Due gas purifiers;

Hydrogen, Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)


Erre Due's gas purification equipment utilises PLC control and has remote monitoring and control capabilities.

Argon Recycling Plant process diagram:

Argon Recycling Plant


Electronic Gas Mixers

Erre Due Electronic Gas Mixers can combine two or three gases at concentrations set by the user via an operator panel LCD interface.

The PLC control system allows the user to monitor and regulate the flow rate and concentration of gases in real time, and ensures maximum operational reliability.

Carrier gas flow is monitored by a mass flow meter, and modulating gases are detected and controlled by a mass flow controller.

High quality process components (electronic flow controllers, pressure sensors, solenoid valves, flow regulators, filters, etc) provide the highest possible accuracy.

Electronic gas mixer process diagram:

Electronic gas mixer process diagram


Laboratory Gas Generators

Erre Due's selection of small generators for laboratory use utilise the company's expertise in large industrial applications to ensure reliability and safety.


The following products are available in Erre Due's laboratory line;

Erre Due patented Hydrogen Generator utilising sodium borohydride and water,

Electrolysis Hydrogen Generator,

Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator,

Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator,

Zero Air generator - uses a catalyst to remove hydrocarbons.